December 30, 2005

Seria egoísta

Si no compartiera esto:

btadc: Question for Trent: This is the first time NIN goes to South America. How was your experience with the audience and will we see more similar venues in the future down south? Hope you're feeling better...
trent_reznor: I'm glad we finally got to play there, but I wish we hadn't played festivals in Brazil. Sadly, festivals usually make it financially feasible to play in some out of the way places, but the experience is sub-par. Certainly for Brazil this time I felt that was the case. In Argentina however, we had a GREAT crowd and a great time (our own show).



Ciertamente, San Pablo fue un show de 50 minutos, en Rio hubo "menos luces y mas corazón" el show fue de masomenos 70 minutos. Y de Buenos Aires sólo puedo hablar bien (a pesar del molesto ubicado atras mio intentando sacarme de la valla 'NO WAY!')

Certainly, Sao Paulo was a 50 minutes show, Rio was 'less lights more heart' as I told Trent :P and a 70 minutes show. I can only speak good things about Buenos Aires, despise of the moron behind me trying to push me from the bench 'NO WAY!'
Capricorn (THE brazilian Spiraler :D) and I went stalking the band in the Personal fest on Dec. 2nd. She had to leave Dec 3rd.
I'll continue later, chaps... Gotta fly now!